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Dear Mr. DeFranco,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and staff CSB. You all pushed me to believe in myself and my talents, and that has helped me immensely. I can't say enough for the instructors who prepared me for the broadcast industry. When I started my internship at NBC10 I wondered if I would be the same level as the students in 4-year degree programs. I was a little nervous at the fact that they had several years of training and I had eight weeks. But to be honest with you - I never felt inadequate for a moment.

I am the only intern who has managed to capture hours of footage for my resume tape along with working with producers and writers on crafting my packages. I've spent countless weeks were working with reporters and photographers perfecting my on camera delivery along with my storytelling skills. I have had the opportunity to work with the News Director and Assistant News Director and the #4 market in the country!

My experience at NBC10 has been unbelievable and I plan on taking all that I have learned here at CSB and at the station and putting it to good use. The next letter you get for me will state what station I've been recruited by to report the local news. I have aspirations of becoming a national correspondent and one day even becoming a national anchor. I am inspired by the people in my community and the nation and I want to tell their stories. I want to be the voice that many people may not realize they have. I feel that I have an obligation to help spread messages across this town, state, and nation.

I'm glad I decided to come to CSB to hone my skills and learn what I'm capable of doing. Now I know the world is my stage and I plan on headlining for long time to come. Thanks again for all that you and the CSB team have done to help me succeed.


Sohini Mitra,

Learn by doing in a matter of months - not years. There is no substitute for hands-on experience.”

- Dick Robinson
Founder and Chairman



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