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Dear Tom,

lt is my utmost pleasure to forward to you this update of my accomplishments in the broadcast industry thus far.

I have been working with WDEL in Wilmington, DE for the past eight months as a producer of live call-in talk shows and news programming. I also serve as board operator for the various sports programming we carry, such as Eagles and Phillies games. And my performance skills, too, get considerable use when l deliver regular sports reports during weekend news broadcasts. I have, indeed, been asked to pe1form many duties in my short time here and, without question, the diverse training l received at CSB is what has prepared me for these various roles.

On a more philosophical note, the opportunity to work for this station has been significant for me. That is, my desire to attain employment with this station's parent, Delmarva Broadcast Company, has been a longtime goal of mine. As you might recall, though, my efforts had been ongoing for quite some time since graduating from CSB. Now that that goal has finally been realized, it is apparent how crucial your advice of maintaining "patient persistence" throughout my job search was. And now that I am "in the door", as they say, I will continue to practice my networking skills so that opportunities for growth within the company remain available to me.

In closing, I greatly appreciate both the training and the assistance that I have received from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. The school has delivered, as promised, and lam more convinced than ever that my decision to attend is the single-greatest reason for my success

Learn by doing in a matter of months - not years. There is no substitute for hands-on experience.”

- Dick Robinson
Founder and Chairman



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