Time For A Career Change?

- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Mar 01, 2016

We've moved past the months of resolution making and violating yet you still are unhappy at work. Have you ever thought about why? Does this change stem from an unsupportive boss, who'll never get you? Do you feel underutilized or unchallenged? These might be reasons for a visit to your HR department, the local watering hole for night out with friends or even a switch in your actual place of employment.

On the other hand, do you have a deep down desire to change your career path in life? Have you always loved the news, sports or weather? Do you like to write and perform, or are you a camera, video, audio or computer wizard? Did you choose the "safe" career path that has left you feeling empty?

Yep, we've heard it all before. That's because our students were just like you. They decided to make the change and ended up working in the fulfilling world of Broadcasting in months, not years! Ready to ditch the Bunny Suit? Start your new life today with a call to The Connecticut School of Broadcasting or log on to!

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