- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
May 07, 2013

Starting a career in sports broadcasting not nearly as difficult as you might think. The main requirement is a love of sports. If you have that, you’re already halfway there, everything else can be learned.

How do you get started in sports broadcasting?

You can start by practicing on your own and by volunteering to announce at local schools, youth organizations, and charity events. Try listening to and imitating your favorite broadcaster’s delivery and technique. Your own style will develop as you gain experience and confidence. If you’re serious about becoming a professional sports broadcaster it pays to invest in professional training from a broadcasting school.

A well established and respected school like the Connecticut School of Broadcasting can give you comprehensive training in all aspects of the broadcasting industry. Attending broadcasting school is especially important for training in the latest digital equipment which you might not be exposed to in an amateur environment. This can make a big difference when you start looking for employment.

Once you have your training under your belt, networking is the key to finding your first job in sports broadcasting. Broadcasters are almost always ready to offer assistance to a fellow broadcaster, especially in the sports niche. Here too a broadcasting school can help, introducing you to real world opportunities and helping you land your first job. Sports broadcasting is a wide open and dynamic field with endless opportunity and always in need of new talent. Turn your love of sports into an exciting and rewarding, not to mention lucrative career.

Take the first step and learn more about how you can start your career in sports broadcasting.

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