Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Aug 09, 2016

Connecticut School of Broadcasting/Palm Beach Graduate, Jeremy "Suits" Kaufman, was made for broadcast media! Unlike the millions of high school seniors preparing to take on a lifetime of student loan debt for college, Jeremy was ready to work. His penchant for wearing a suit and tie every day was a clear indicator. Straight out of high school Jeremy enrolled at our Palm Beach Campus and after graduating in a matter of months, he immediately joined the workforce.

An internship as a Technical Director at the International Power Showcase at Marlins Park in Miami eventually led to a Camera Switcher Operator internship for the Live Stream TV coverage of West Palm Beach's number #1 morning show "The KVJ Show" – heard on WRMF 97.9. Jeremy was then hired at CBS 12 as a TV editor and worked in both radio and TV for over a year. Today "Suits" is working full time in radio at Alpha Media as a Technical Director and Little Smiles Internship Supervisor. Along with moving up the ladder in the industry, one more thing is certain to Jeremy - He won't miss having to make payments on a student loan for the rest of his life! Instead, he's working in a career after just months of training and doing something that he loves!

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