- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Jul 24, 2015

As technology continues to bring new ways to provide news on demand, TV news viewership had declined 12% since 2007. That is, until now! Last year, according to the Pew Research Center, TV stations got a ratings boost by thinking outside the traditional timeslot box.

So you worked late, picked up the kids from soccer and didn’t get to dinner until 6pm? Sure you can pull up the weather or your favorite team’s sport scores on your Smartphone or I-pad, but once the dishes are clean, your kids are doing their homework and you’ve just plunked down that cozy chair next to the TV, a chance to check out what’s going on in your community just got easier.

In an effort to capture more viewers, TV stations are adding newscasts at new times. If you’re an early riser, more stations are giving you a chance to view the late night news, not so late at 10pm. If you like to get to the gym early before work, you can catch the news with your first cup of coffee at 4:30 am. And if you’re home at noon, local news is more abundant midday in many markets. Ratings for these new timeslots are up dramatically, but whether or not they will make up for losses during more traditional times, has yet to be seen.

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