Latest tips for quick video editing

- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
May 25, 2015

Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers many enhancements to help you get your work done quickly so you can focus more on your creativity and less on complicated workarounds — what Adobe calls “editing finesse.”

Even though you have probably developed your own particular way of working in Premiere Pro, you might as well make the most of these editorial workflow improvements as you cut your footage. A few of them don’t even require any effort on your part — such as the auto-save changes, helpful overwrite warnings, end-of-media indicator, and new metadata columns in the Project panel.

Most enhancements are intended to speed the way you work, such as relinking media, keyboard shortcuts, Media Browser favorites, multiple browsers, and various workspace customizations. Some improvements seem rather specialized, such as duplicate frame marker enhancements, reverse match frame, and adding marker names. One particular feature is really useful in the editing process: maintaining pitch during scrubbing so that dialogue remains intelligible as you quickly skip through the timeline.

In this demo, I show some stand-out features in Premiere Pro CC that can help you speed your work — giving you more flexibility and time to focus on your creative choices.

Reverse match frame (0:33); Sync offset (1:25); Multiple keyboard shortcuts (2:45); Playback preferences (3:50); Export multiple items (4:45); Maintain pitch (5:39); Multiple media browsers (6:09); Create a new project from a sequence (6:53)

You can also find out more about each of these particular features that I demo in the presentation:

  • Reverse match frame
  • Manual sync offsets
  • Multiple keyboard shortcuts
  • Playback preferences
  • Set to frame size
  • Export multiple items
  • Maintain pitch
  • Multiple media browsers
  • Create a new Premiere Pro project from a sequence

With each release of Premiere Pro, there are probably about a dozen editor-focused improvements, many of which are requested by users in forums and at events. Tell Adobe what you’d like to see in a future release of Premiere Pro CC.

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