- Stacey Green, Atlanta Campus Director
Feb 04, 2016

If you ever attend a Studio Tour here at our Lawrenceville, Ga Campus of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, one thing you will hear me say repeatedly and with conviction is that you have to be “in position for success”. When I first mention it, I notice a few people shaking their heads in agreement, while a few others give me quizzical looks of confusion. “You must dedicate yourselves to being in the best possible position for success.” I go on to drive home the point of my statement. “Success isn’t going to come and knock on your door at home and introduce itself as such…Hello Brian, my name is success and I’ve been looking for YOU!” I get a few chuckles, but I’m not attempting to be a comedian. No, I’m trying to get those individuals sitting in seats here at a Studio Tour introduction to realize that they have an amazing opportunity in front of them to be successful in such a fun and rewarding career as Broadcast media and that they need to understand that it will take a few things from them personally to make that happen:

A) To have the required skillsets that it will take for them to even be considered for a position in broadcast media.

B) The willingness to raise their hand for every opportunity that comes their way that’s relative to the career path they seek.

C) Be a value instead of a liability

Taking that 2am-8am shift that’s an hour away and that no one else wants, is being “In position for success.” Working that weekend remote when it’s 20 degrees out and you have family in town for the holidays, is being “in position for success.” When as an intern, the Station Manager is wondering where you are on your day off because you’re missed when you’re not there, you’ve put yourself “in position for success.”

It’s impossible to be successful, without first being “In position” to obtain it!

Christian Jaramillo – November 2014 graduate is “In Position”

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