- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Aug 27, 2013

Hosting a radio show is one of the most satisfying career paths in the broadcasting industry. There’s nothing quite like having a conversation with thousands of listeners.

At one time you had to have a great ‘radio voice’ to host a show but that’s not necessary today. It helps to have the proverbial ‘gift of gab’ but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you’re reasonably articulate and ready to learn, you too can host a radio show.

Most people don’t know that you can host a show part time alongside another career. Many radio shows are hosted by people who work at a radio station as producers, program directors, etc. Some people even have careers completely unrelated to broadcasting,

A talk radio show can can focus on a particular topic such as cooking, cars, travel, politics, or sports, or it can be a show that touches on anything and everything.

When hosting a show, you’re working by the clock. You have to be able to segue into and out of breaks, and you have to learn how to control the conversation when working with guests and on-air callers. With training from a radio broadcasting school, you’ll have a mentor to show you the tricks of the trade and you’ll be able to gain experience in a host friendly environment.

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