Guess Who Won The Lottery?

- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Aug 12, 2015

Connecticut School of Broadcasting/ Farmington is celebrating the fact that one of its recent graduates has just won the job lottery of sorts. Just 1 year ago, Christina Pergolizzi was acing her final exams and now she’s the face of the Connecticut Lottery Midday Drawing on TV! Her great achievement is the result of a lot of hard work and proactive choices.

In 2014, Christina worked as a Customer Service Associate for a bank, when she decided to change career paths and attend our school. “I have always loved performing and public speaking, so when my friend recommended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I toured the school, and it seemed perfect for me!” said Pergolizzi in a recent interview. “I was exposed to aspects of TV I never knew existed, which made me more well-rounded and marketable.” Immediately after graduation she earned an internship at NBC Connecticut, then continued on to a researcher position for the "Troubleshooters," NBC Connecticut's investigative reporting team. Her new gig as a Lottery Drawing associate started July 21st.

Christina has advice for recent Connecticut School of Broadcasting grads, “Make sure to take advantage of all the resources the school provides. The facility, staff and your teachers are invaluable tools, so make sure to network, network, network!” And by the way, her dreams include owning her own television network some day. If anyone can do it she can. Congratulations Christina!

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