- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Dec 04, 2015

Connecticut School of Broadcasting @ Charlotte graduate Ashley Stroehlein is getting plenty of attention. The former high school math teacher was recently hired as a sports reporter at CBS television affiliate WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just last month, she covered one of the most viewed Carolina Panthers games in recent franchise history, as they beat Philadelphia and remained undefeated, at 6 and 0. "Lot's of potential students dream about changing careers, but most people never make it past the dream stage" Connecticut School of Broadcasting's John Casson tells us. "From the first time Ashley set foot on our campus, we knew she was determined to succeed and would do what it takes to get there", he added. "She applied and was accepted on the spot and she definitely delivered on her promises".

In 2013, Ashley traded in the classroom for the newsroom, and became a Connecticut School of Broadcasting student. Immediately after graduation she earned an internship at the top rated morning radio show "Ace and T.J." The school allows graduates to return to hone their skills and advance in the business. Ashley did exactly that, and eventually landed a traffic reporter position at television station WBTV. Recently, she was promoted again, replacing another successful Charlotte campus graduate to become the newest sports reporter - hitting the big time in market #23, just 10 months out of school.

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