Aug 24, 2016

Colin Roy never went to a traditional college. He was busy earning a living to make ends meet, as a Cook and Kitchen Manager at a Pizza Restaurant near Farmington, CT. Was it his dream Job? No! But it wasn't until November of last year, that he decided to finally do something about it.

After attending the Connecticut School of Broadcasting's fall, day class, Colin knew he was hooked on broadcasting! "I really enjoyed the hands-on learning style of the instructors and the fact that I was actually doing the same things that professional broadcasters do every day", Colin says, after landing a job, just months after graduating in January. Today he is working in television at Fox 61 in Hartford, CT as a Master Control Operator, where he is responsible for their "on-air look". That basically means he makes sure that the programming stays on time and if there are any issues or glitches with the system, it's his job to trouble-shoot the problem and fix it.Colin says he loves his new life, " I like that I am in a position that I never thought I would be in a year ago. Each day I am learning new technical skills that I can take with me to other TV stations or to hopefully move up into different positions at FOX 61".

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