Connecticut School of Broadcasting Legends!

- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Oct 06, 2015

Candy O’Terry, Chuck Nowlin, Mike Hsu, Danielle Murr, Mike Lockhart, Pete Sheppard, Christian Arcand, Deanna Cruz, John Leahy, Amy Pontes, Parker Gavigan, Seth Stutman... These are just a few of the broadcasting legends in the making, that have passed through the doors of Connecticut School of Broadcasting’s Boston Campus over the last 31 years. And it all started with a passion for broadcasting and joining us for a campus Studio Tour!

If you think you have the skills and talent to be a part of the rewarding TV/New Media/Radio/Sports Broadcasting Industry, then you owe it to yourself to claim your spot at our upcoming Studio Tour at our Needham campus. Our campus Studio Tours are the best way to know what it's like to be a student at CSB. You’ll be put into small groups of people with similar interests, and you’ll move straight into the studios where we'll have some fun. You'll be on the mic, on-camera reading from a teleprompter, working the camera and so much more! "Hands-On, Learn-By-Doing from Industry Pros” is what we do! You'll notice that from the start at our Studio Tour.

Our instructors work in the industry and will TRAIN YOU IN MONTHS, NOT YEARS!

Think you have what it takes? Whether it's you or someone you know - looking to be in front of the camera, behind the mic, behind the scenes or on the field, court or rink doing play-by-play, Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Needham will give you the hands-on training you need to start working in the broadcasting industry IN MONTHS, NOT YEARS!. Are you ready to love what you do? Click Here to RSVP for your FREE VIP Tour Today!

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