Career Change Leads CSB Grad to the White House!

- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Sep 28, 2015

Reese Brown always had a passion for broadcasting, but like many in their early years, he chose a more “traditional” career in nursing. Reese studied hard and became an invaluable member of the medical community in Washington D.C., yet his passion still held a very prominent place in his heart. One day at the hospital, while Reese was working his rounds, one of his favorite patients offered him some priceless advice, “Are you going to continue doing what you’re good at Reese or take a chance and start doing what you love?” Days later he took his friends advice and made a phone call to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting Campus in Tampa. With friends in the Tampa area, he thought he just might be able to make it work. Reese took an 8 week leave of absence to begin his amazing journey.

At Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Tampa, Director Shayna King became an immediate fan of Reese Brown. “He had a great attitude and work ethic. Reese was the first one in the door in the morning, and only left when we shut the doors at night. Reese excelled not just with his voice, but with his passion!” Upon graduating the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Brown returned to D.C. and instantly became the Official Program Announcer and Officiate at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. In addition, he was hired as a Department of Defense Pubic Affairs Specialist. His responsibilities have included several official United States projects such as working the sound systems, the dedication of the Maya Angelou stamp with Oprah Winfrey, as well as taking iconic photographs of the President of the United States!

Reese Brown says Connecticut School of Broadcasting gave him something no other school can, “They not only give you the skills you need to start working right away in broadcasting, they teach you how to solve problems on your own. That gives you the confidence to try new things and stay with them until you succeed. Now I love what I do every day!” Reese is still a great friend to his alma mater Tampa Campus and sends thank you notes and gifts with frequency. The highlight has been an official White House Christmas Tree Ornament.

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