Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Jun 10, 2016

Joe Weaver was a construction worker who loved talk radio. He listened to it all day as he worked. One day he heard an ad for Connecticut School of Broadcasting's Tampa campus and wrote the number down on the underside of a tile he was laying. Fortunately, he remembered to take the tile home, called, came to a studio tour, became a student and, next thing you know, he was a board operator for his favorite radio station – 910 WTBN!

After spending a few years working his way up the ladder, Joe became the Operations Manager of the entire Salem Tampa Radio Station Cluster, including 910 WTBN, and 860 WGUL. We are so grateful that Joe has not forgotten his Connecticut School of Broadcasting Tampa roots, and always manages to call us first when he has a job opening, giving our students and alumni the first shot at a coveted radio position. Joe is grateful for his entire experience, "Before Connecticut School of Broadcasting Tampa, I was a guy that listened to the airwaves. Today, I'm a guy that makes the airwaves come to life."

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