- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Sep 11, 2013

A radio show producer creates the broadcast. They’re responsible for setting up guests which often involves interaction with celebrities and other high profile people. While the show is on the air the producer is at the controls, operating the ‘board’, monitoring satellite links, making sure commercials run on time, answering phone calls, and sometimes acting as an on-air personality. A producer is usually responsible for creating promotional spots too.

Production requires a thorough knowledge of the technical side of radio and, although it’s possible to find stations that will offer to train, it’s usually necessary to have training from an audio production school.

Most broadcasting schools will include training in audio production, but learning to effectively book great guests and create attention grabbing promos will take some experience.

If you like working with the latest in digital technology, interacting with interesting people, can assume big responsibilities and think on your feet in a fast paced environment, then you’ll probably find that radio production is an exciting and rewarding broadcasting career choice.

A producer has more control over what listeners hear than anyone else at a radio station. It’s a big responsibility but it’s a lot of fun. Find out more about how to start a great career as a radio show producer.

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