- Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Mar 05, 2014

From Jimmy,

Fifty years is a long time. When Dick Robinson founded The Connecticut School of Broadcasting, your media lifeline to the world was limited to a black and white TV with only a few local channels and your AM radio.

As media evolved so did CSB, with tens of thousands of graduates working in a far more complex media environment – an industry that, according to Wikipedia has over a thousand satellite and TV networks serving the United States alone . That’s in addition Internet streaming and other new technologies. You can even watch live TV on your phone!

As technologies evolved, so did CSB. Today’s students have access to the same equipment they’ll find at their first job … and in many cases, better.

All this leads to the future. There is no question that the communications industry will become more complex. For example, as streaming audio channels find their way onto every car’s dashboard, making literally thousands of program options available to commuters, the local AM and FM stations will find it more important to build on their ‘local-ness’ and they will be needing more local content – the only thing that can differentiate their programming from the online competition – this will widen the opportunities for graduates.

As technology advances and more distribution channels develop, consumers will expect more advanced programming – all of which will require graduates with new skills and an understanding of newer media.

I am writing to pledge that as the industry progresses, The Connecticut School of Broadcasting will continue to upgrade our facilities, partner with the most qualified instructors, provide placement assistance to the newest graduate (and even those from the class of ’64) … and in the end, continue to provide the solid training that will provide tens of thousands of future graduates with great careers in this exciting industry.

Jim Robinson

President – Connecticut School of Broadcasting

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